Production skills (cheek, screening) competition

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In order to enhance the production skills of production employees, improve work efficiency, and increase production output, the company's personnel administration department and the production department successfully held a production skill contest in the workshop on the second floor of the 3# production building, on April 23.
The game began at 12:30 . As the whistle of "Shhh", the contestants entered the competition. Everyone chased after you, raced against time, and strived for the upper reaches. At 2 pm, the game is over. After the match, they were evaluated by the professionals and the first, second and third prizes of the two groups of contestants were evaluated. The manager of the production department, Mr.Xu awarded the honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners.
The theme of this competition is : Showthe Skills, Being the best!
Shinye employees are the best, we expect Shinye employees to continue to challenge themselves in their jobs, and make the "SHINYE" brand famous at home and abroad!

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